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The Power of Sleep

The last 2 years have been exceptionally difficult without a solid reason. I just can't seem to cope with the smallest things and I am beyond tired. It began at work during my instrumentation learnership (and it is possible it began long before this). I suffered indescribable migraines and lunch times I needed to lay my head down. Not the "I feel like a nap" kind of post lunch feeling. This was extreme exhaustion that even if I was walking around I needed to get back to sit down. I couldn't cope anymore. Doctors visits and blood tests later and there was nothing to say there is something wrong. But something was wrong and finally after an explosive migraine episode at work I left and never returned. I suffered migraines and what I can only describe as a post migraine recovery for a week. A doctor said my optic nerve was swollen. I began getting pains in my shoulders, down my arms to my wrists. Pins and needles in my hands and legs. My physical activity crashed and I …

Health, Love & Parkruns

Valentine's day or Independence day, whichever way you see it, has never been a big thing for me. I enjoy attending the Valentines 2km fun run held in my town with Sam. This is our little special time together. I waddled the 2km when I was a glorious 7 months pregnant. Sam was in the pram the following years and I think we have only missed one since. Now I mostly spend it jogging after Sam as she blazes ahead full speed and I'm trying to avoid my pants falling off. Ladies what is up with putting on weight and your pants being an annoying pull up story! I swear I'm going to invest in suspenders.Anyway, we get around the field (at the same time a 10km is run around the town for those not minding children and the fitter of the community.) It was lovely and cool, just had to use some mozzie repellent or you may finish it covered in bites! One year it threatened to rain and as we entered the last 500m lightning started to blitz. Michal ran this one with us and he deftly picked…