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Health, Love & Parkruns

Valentine's day or Independence day, whichever way you see it, has never been a big thing for me. I enjoy attending the Valentines 2km fun run held in my town with Sam. This is our little special time together. I waddled the 2km when I was a glorious 7 months pregnant. Sam was in the pram the following years and I think we have only missed one since. Now I mostly spend it jogging after Sam as she blazes ahead full speed and I'm trying to avoid my pants falling off. Ladies what is up with putting on weight and your pants being an annoying pull up story! I swear I'm going to invest in suspenders. Anyway, we get around the field (at the same time a 10km is run around the town for those not minding children and the fitter of the community.) It was lovely and cool, just had to use some mozzie repellent or you may finish it covered in bites! One year it threatened to rain and as we entered the last 500m lightning started to blitz. Michal ran this one with us and he deftly picked Sam up and we ran to the finish. I think that was our fastest time. We get the sweetest heart shaped medal after it all. Sam loves it! I try to instill a love of running. We don't push her, she must just enjoy it. Whether we come first or last (we have come last, but that was a mistake on my part by entering us into a 4km). Sam was so tired and I had to carry 20kg for a further 2km. Not so much fun. Now we stick to the 2km until she is older.

Now Parkruns are my business. When Sam visits her dad, or Michal is not working I like to take part in that. It is my time to power down...or power up. I get to walk all my frustrations out in those 5kms and finish ready for the next week. I may mumble to myself so my fellow parkrunners may think I am crazy. I don't like to do the parkrun alone and so I take a dog with me. I rotate between Jack and Bella and recently our foster dog Lucy who is a Whippet and if she wasn't so well behaved on a leash would probably drag me to the finish line in half the time!

As for myself and Michal, Valentine's isn't particularly significant. With his shift work he usually lands up working either day or night and even if he is off I can't say it was a day spent doing anything differently.

Facebook started with these get to know you questions and the one day it asked "The perfect date would be..." and I knew immediately. Pizza, wine and a movie. Not necessarily a romantic movie but just one we have been wanting to see for a while. Once again I refer to my partners shift work and it can get crazy that we just miss out on TV and movies altogether. Plus I am an introvert maximus and Michal loves the down time.

Our last date was Wonder Woman! We happen to be DC/Marvel fanatics. So yes a very romantic evening spent overeating and watching a woman beat the hell out of everyone. I would say it was a great success. The next one will probably have to be Black Panther! 
On a side note, my posts have been far and few between as I have damaged my laptop. It happens when you write and drink water. Alas, from now on I will write and steadily dehydrate turning into a wrinkled prune. But no water near the laptop. Not worth the schlep! 


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