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Mommy is in Time Out

Motherhood is a tough job and generally, we are the last person to think of that needs care. Right up until we run ourselves into the red. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at the beginning of this year and this mommy has had to pull the breaks and start looking at how she must care for herself too! So from one mother to another. I am putting you in Time Out. Here is a list of things I do that count as self care for this mommy. And many of these can be done with the kids running around, breaking the house down. 

1. Hair Mask. Whether you buy it over the counter or make your own, massaging that stuff into your scalp is bliss. Even more so if someone else does it! I use coconut oil. My hair and scalp is dry. So dry. When I miss my weekly treatment, I feel like my hair is turning into a brittle wisp that may just blow away on a windy day, like tumble weed. I melt a little in the microwave, rub it through from root to tip, put a movie on and start with the little ones hair. This turns out …


We are a blended family. What does blended mean? Well, divorce, separations, or death can cause a speed wobble on our way in life. And many times from this suffering and dark moments, something new can be born. Hard lessons are learnt and we are off to learn new lessons with new people. In our case step parents, children and adopted pets!
Currently, our "little" family consists of a little girl, her step father Uncle Michal, myself, 2 little dogs and 2 littler hamsters. Her biological father lives in a town about 2 hours from us. He has remarried and is a step dad to a girl and boy. I would say our setup is good but that is a whole other topic for another day. Michal has a son from a previous marriage, but that situation is somewhat more prickly. I have managed to glimpse the boy at school sporting events.
Let's start with the girl who'll tell you she's almost 7 years old. Of course a mother will brag. She is bright and has such a vivid imagination with a sensitiv…