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The Power of Sleep Part 2

Please read part 1 here The Power of Sleep

The day I was booked to test the CPAP machine started like any other day. Coffee first and foremost, crazy mad rush to get Sam to school and then to town. I needed to buy some goodies for the wedding. T-minus 14 days. Around 9am I get a phone call from the Neurologist making sure everything is still on for that evenings test. Half an hour later I get a phone call from the medical aid. They haven't approved the test for that evening. Reason being? My sleep apnoea isn't severe enough. OK, so if you suffer more than 5 apnoea's an hour it is considered abnormal. If you suffer more than 10 it starts to seriously affect your life. I suffer 25 apnoea's in an hour. What did they want? No, it needs to be over 30. Even the neurologist didn't have words.

It is at this point that I burst into tears. The shear frustration of being so close to testing a solution and the medical aid is being an ass. The amount of money paid to them on a …