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Why New Year's Resolutions Suck

Are you realistic when you say you are going to lose all the weight? Are you realistic when you say you are going to eat that salad? How long did it take for you to put on the weight in the first place? And if you can't stomach salad last year, what's going to change this year? Determination?

Hey, no judgment. I am there. I am in the same place. My goal is to look after myself. That includes the weight. But will I be pre-pregnancy weight before the end of the year? No! It took me 7 years to steadily put on weight. There can be a lot of reasons. I definitely believe woman's metabolism slows after pregnancy. And getting older. Being with an emotionally abusive partner didn't help. Leaving a very active job for one that involves mostly sitting by a computer doesn't help. Medication definitely contributed to my biggest amount of weight gain over a short period of time.

I can point as much fingers as I want but what have I done to counter this? Not much. I still eat like I am an 18 year old with the metabolism of a hummingbird. So this year is focused on that. On myself. But realistically. I know I can do this. I am in a healthier frame of mind than I have been in years.

Plus I have a little motivation. I am getting married this year. It is on. The date is set. Preparations are under way. We have been engaged since December 2015. A few bumps in the road, but we are doing this. I was never the girl to dream of her wedding day. It was never something I wanted. In fact I can still see myself in an old age home as the one that never got married scandalously living with her partner in sin. (Oh boy). But I also thought, meh, let's try it. I also want to see myself one day as having done as much as I could. Oh and yes I do love this man. It's just I don't think putting a ring on it should make a difference.

Family wise, to just listen more. Less dictating, more listening. (I hear distant laughter of parents everywhere). And more structure. (The laughter intensifies). My daughter is starting Grade 1. First year in uniform and everything. They haven't changed. I wore blue and white checkers. She has green and white checkers. The tiny black shoes with the tiny socks. The dresses, the white shirts and the grey shorts all seem to dwarf these tiny people.

We amassed at the school. Step dad, myself, kiddo, dad and ouma all in a row. It wasn't particularly mortifying for me. We have been doing the school run since she was 4 and she started in her primary school for grade R to make the transition easier. Sam was nervous but lighted up as soon as she saw her bestie. They waved at each other from across the hall for the remainder of the assembly and then off to her class to meet her new teacher. Everything went off smoothly and Grade 1 is officially under way.

So yes, health, happiness and listen. My New Year's Resolutions. Or is that just life goals? Well, don't beat myself up at the end of the year when I am still chubby. I pick happy over chubby any day!

I hope everyone has a good 2018, a happy 2018 and a healthy 2018!


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