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A Sucker For Christmas

I am a sucker for Christmas. I remember it being my favourite time of year when growing up. Then I had a few years from my teens till when my daughter was born that weren't so magical anymore. I guess it was part of growing up. After my daughter was born, the spark of Christmas ignited once again and it is the one time of year I like to go all out.

We put up the tree before my daughter went off to visit her dad for three weeks. Yes, three! She will be back just after Christmas so we will be celebrating it twice. The first few days I spent wondering what to do with my life. Then I got motivated to climb into my hobbies that get neglected with the roller coaster of motherhood. Any mothers suffer severe guilt if they start to enjoy their alone time? I like to call this motherhood psychosis. We really can't give ourselves a break!

The tree has its honored place in the lounge and I can glimpse it every day as I type. I always get warm feelings. Except that it is 30⁰C in the shade, the much needed rain has turned our garden into a forest since everyone is off this time of year! No, we don't own a lawnmower yet.

 I want to start a new tradition. Rent a water slide. When last has anyone done that? I can't remember! Not recently anyway. I await the return of my daughter so perhaps we can welcome the new year with a water slide, lathers of sunscreen and a braai. We were considering to go watch the fireworks this year. We think our little one is old enough to enjoy it and to stay awake (or have an afternoon nap before hand).  All ideas this mother has been contemplating as this will be the first new year I can spend with my partner (since we have been together he has worked and welcomed the new year on a petrochemical plant). He says on some of the tall vessels you can see the fireworks display from the local casino.

I love the lights. Some people go all out, American style! It is fantastic (I don't want to know what their electricity bill must be like). We were lucky to live two houses from someone who decided to get flashy this year.
And let's not forget the food. We gather at my mom's for her famous leg o' lamb. Followed by ice-cream, family debate and an afternoon nap. I can feel that afternoon nap pulling me in right now!

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas and Yule tidings. Have an awesome new year. Travel safely. I will be signing out till the 8th of January. See you all then!


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