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Married (At Last!)

On the 24th of March I married my best friend. I knew I wanted someone I can laugh with. Someone sentimental, sensitive and kind.

We have been engaged since forever and a day (December 2015). This was more out of necessity. One: Getting married is crap expensive and I wanted the white gown/aisle walking/flower explosive affair. Two: My health hit a speed wobble and I didn't want to be low at my wedding!
So at last we set a date. It was a small affair. 30 people. So I decided to organize everything instead of getting someone. 30 people ain't that stressful...right? Well the week leading up to the wedding I felt like I put enough kilos on my car to take me to Cairo. Nitty, gritty little details that needed working out.

First things first we went venue hunting. My husband (I have been running around calling him "my man" in Afrikaans every time I spy him). Anyway, he had an event with his running club and the food was AMAZING. The spicy sauce they made for the mielie pap won me over. I turned to him and said we are having the reception here! They sorted out the tables, chairs, white covers, food,  and bar. That took a lot off my shoulders. Plus they clean up for you after the craziness. Thank goodness for that! The children that attended (about 4 of them) created a picnic under one of the tables which could only be seen when you lift the white cloth. I have no idea what the cleanup crew thought when they came across that. Thank you Sasol Club!

Next we organized the use of a church. I didn't want something gaudy. Small and unique was my idea. Just up the road from the Club was my families church we used to attend growing up. It worked out perfectly. Thank you English Reformed Church for the use of your premises. Theresa for helping organize that and the pianist Iné for playing the music. I'm sorry if everything went over my head thereafter. I recall walking wobbly to the front with my dad in hand. Michal tearing up and I wanted to squeak with nervous laughter.

Instead of throwing rice or confetti I went with bubbles and they worked out awesomely. At that point I could let my nerves out in anxious laughter. I still wanted to see the hall, do my speech and dance...oh hell dance.

We took our time with the photos. Enjoying every part of it. Climbing through mud, oh ja, did I forget to mention it rained 3 solid days before the wedding? So, my brother managed to organise beautiful see-through umbrellas - just in case. I had already accepted the fact that should it rain I was having my photo shoot regardless! Nothing was going to stop us having fun. Fortunately, the last clouds blew away the morning of the wedding and it was a lovely, blue sky for the remainder of it.

The speeching went well, typical of our personalities, the serious got serious and the laughs flowed. Did I mention I promised to support the Blue Bulls. Yes. Yes. When they face any foreign team.
The decor came together better than I could have imagined. The food was awesome! My brother personally thanked the chef that makes that sauce. THAT SAUCE.

The dancing happened. Slow and steady to avoid embarrassment. My dress was causing us more horror than anything else but otherwise it went alright. There after the evening was spent chatting and eating.

The cake was delicious. A bit wobbly, my brother and brother-in-law had the ride of their lives getting that thing to the venue from Evander. So the top layer was loose. My only true annoyance of the whole affair but I told myself no, not going to give a damn. All in all it was time well spent. It was never a day I dreamed of having. I wasn't interested in silly traditions like flower tossing and there was no ways on this good green earth Michal was going to dig up my dress for some bloody garter. I did it the way I wanted it and I loved it.

The push to actually get married was more from my daughter. And I am not sure but there seems to be a change in her lately. A feeling of security perhaps. Not that myself and Michal were worried but we underestimate children and their understanding of the world. Uncle Michal is now family...and there's nothing he can do about it.

I have a few people I want to thank and can highly recommend for anyone having their wedding in the Secunda area. Firstly, Mercia Makeup. Wow, you made this tomboy into a princess! Whoopsy Daisy for the flowers. CV Photography that did such an amazing job with the photos for a wedding on a budget! Split Ends in Trichardt for the hair and nails. Wedding Perfect for the dress. Flower Spot for the use of their bubble machine, that helped make such a fantastic effect when we exited the church. And lastly family and friends, of course, without you the event would have been smaller and involved more drunken disorder.


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